Home Exterior

Simple Steps to Make Your Home Exterior More Attractive

Everyone yearns to live in a beautiful home, though most people spend more on the interiors and pay less heed to the exteriors. For beautiful exteriors, owners of houses must employ masonry cleaning specialists. These professionals offer a range of cleaning services and can help keep the home exteriors sparkling and look aesthetic & elegant.

If the exteriors have started looking dirty and have lost their original look, then it is time that they are cleaned thoroughly. Pressure washing is a good option for dirty exteriors. One can either use low or high density of the pressure. Pressure washing is undoubtedly the ultimate solution for stains, dirt, mildew, molds etc. This is the best method to clean various parts of the house as well as the roof, deck, fence, driveways and sidewalks too. This method not only gives a good look to the exteriors, but it also provides durability to the structure and is a good method of preventive maintenance too.

Cleaning of exteriors requires the good understanding of masonry. A critical part of this understanding is knowledge about the effect weathering can have on the exteriors. Only masonry cleaning specialists can guide in regards to the correct procedures. There are many precautions that need to be taken in this regard. Mentioned below are a few of them:

• Only cleaning with water will be of no help to remove atmospheric soiling

• Abrasive cleaning can cause damage, and it is best if it can be avoided

• Cleaning chemicals can be harmful if used at high strength. They should be applied neatly and should be left for a short time. Finally, these chemicals should be washed off thoroughly giving appropriate pressure.

An important factor to get the best results is undoubted to use the skill of masonry cleaning specialists. These specialists can efficiently restore bricks and have great expertise in re-pointing brickwork. They can restore and refurbish the exteriors of a house making them look like new!

Another important aspect of keeping the exteriors of a house is to keep the windows clean. Window washing and cleaning services provided by masonry cleaning specialists is the best way to get shining windows. Rain spots, dirt, pollen and various other grime can be cleaned giving your house a great look. Irrespective of the type of windows, these specialists have the knowledge, tools, and expertise to make the windows sparkle. One can save hours and the monotony of cleaning these windows by handing over the job to an experienced cleaner.

A few of the services provided by professional masonry cleaning companies include:

• Brick Cleaning – Most buildings suffer from heavy soiling. Cleaning using pressure washing and appropriate chemicals is important.

• Brick Repair – This includes repairing bricks which have been blistered or broken. The repair procedure includes cleaning and rebuilding each brick and giving it the same color as the others of the structure.

• Paint Removal – This is a time-consuming job which involves removing the paint coat to reveal the bricks. This process undoubtedly adds to the value of the property and also adds to the life of the structure.

• Stone Masonry Repairs and Cleaning – With the help of thorough cleaning using nebulous spraying and chemicals, unpainted stonework can be given its original color and can be made to look speechless clean. Please note that this step requires a junk hauler such as Omaharolloff.com as they drop dumpsters off for cleaning.

• Pointing – This is the process of keeping water away from a building and is a specialist task done by specialized masonry service providers.

• Painting and Decorating – To give a finishing look, the specialists provide painting and decorating services.

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Details of some organizations providing masonry cleaning services are available online. Choosing the right organization is important. One can read the reviews given by earlier customers of the organization to get an idea of the reputation of the organization. Choose the best, as your most valuable asset – your house – is at stake!

Home Flooring Trends

Find the Best Flooring Trends

If you are confused about the type of flooring you should pick out for your home, we are here to help. The type of flooring you should install in your house will depend on a number of factors such as the budget, quality and design. The best way to buy good quality flooring within your budget is to shop for discounted flooring options such as discount vinyl flooring, discount laminate flooring, discount hardwood flooring, and carpet flooring deals. Here’s a comparison of all flooring options to help you choose better.


Vinyl flooring is considered one of the most popular flooring solutions among the homeowners. In terms of budget, this flooring is suitable for people with varied budgets. Based on the variety of discount vinyl flooring selected by homeowners, the budget of the flooring may increase. In terms of quality, the luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is considered the most durable type of vinyl flooring. It is available in a variety of patterns to serve the needs of the homeowners better. One of the common trends involves creating patterns out of the discount vinyl flooring to give your house a unique look.


Laminate flooring is the perfect solution for those individuals who cannot afford to or do not wish to buy hardwood flooring. This means that in case your budget is not as high that you could buy hardwood flooring, you may want to look for some discount laminate flooring as an option. Because of its ease of installation and variety of patterns it is available in, the demand for discount laminate flooring has increased over the years. As an added advantage, this flooring is quite durable and if maintained properly, can last for more than a decade.


Many homeowners have thought about installing the discount hardwood flooring at some point. This flooring is the richest looking and most durable flooring solution. It increases the resale value of the house because of its universal appeal. Easy to install and maintain, this flooring can last for more than two decades without getting spoiled, thus making it so popular among homeowners. For all those who think that this flooring is out of their budget should look for some discount hardwood flooring to suit their needs.


One of the softest floorings to feel and touch, carpet flooring is popular among homeowners who are looking for a cozy, comfortable environment in the house. A small but very important step is to think ahead, because there will be a lot of carpet that needs removal and StLouisdumpsterrentals.com will do that for you at reasonable prices. Various carpet flooring deals have now been introduced in the market that has made buying carpet very affordable. In case you are wondering about the spills and stains problem related to carpet, with the innovations in stain resistance treatments, many carpet flooring deals have been able to resolve the issue. While searching for carpet flooring deals, look for carpeting that has offers stain resistance. Though a premium feature, you may be able to find carpet flooring deals on this top quality carpeting.

Throughout your home you have many types of flooring. If you want to be up on the latest home trends you can ask your flooring company about all of your options. This will tell you about the trends and how to make them a reality throughout your own house for a completely unique look.

Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen example

Many people look for ways to spend more time in the great outdoors as well as a way to spend more quality time with family and friends. We all know the kitchen tends to be the heart of the home, the place where family and friends gather, mingle, and linger.  That is why the addition of an outdoor kitchen to your home makes perfect sense!  An outdoor kitchen is ideal gathering place outside for family and friends to gather and mingle.

Whether you and your family live in a year round warm climate or a climate that only allows for using an outdoor kitchen for part of the year, this is a good investment.  This addition will extend the living space of your home and increase the market value of your house  in the event you decide to sell.

Many people enjoy the healthy benefits of eating grilled food. With an outdoor kitchen grilling is easy and cleanup is easy.  Also, cooking outdoors reduces air conditioning bill in your home by allowing for the indoor kitchen to stay cool.

In the past 10 years there has been a significant increase of people building outdoor kitchens.  This kitchen can be designed to reflect your needs and taste. It can be practical or elaborate. Just like when building an indoor kitchen, the cost of building an outdoor kitchen can be very expensive or very affordable.

The building of an outdoor kitchen can be a DIY (Do It Yourself) project or project where a contractor and kitchen designer is hired to complete.  If you are planning a DIY outdoor kitchen there are several helpful websites and even DIY kits that make the process easier. Find out more about dumpster rental pricing by visiting dumpster rental Kansas city.

The most popular option for outdoor cooking is the grill, but there are other options such as a drop-in stove with burners, an outdoor oven, or a fire pit – whatever fits your needs and your budget. Check out http://kansascitydumpsterrentals.net for more on local haulers near you. Outdoor kitchens should include a sink with running water to make cleanup easier.

When building your outdoor kitchen keep the following in mind:

  • Choose durable materials for the outdoor kitchen surfaces (stone, tile, slate, stainless steel) since these materials will be exposed to the seasonal elements.
  • Storage space and counter space in an outdoor kitchen is just as important as with an indoor kitchen. Space is needed to store utensils, plates, glasses, and cleaning supplies. Counter space is needed for food preparation.
  • Purchase mini appliances for your outdoor kitchen, such as a mini refrigerator.  No need for a full size refrigerator when a mini refrigerator is more affordable and takes up far less space.
  • Make sure the flooring of your outdoor kitchen is easy to clean, not slippery, and resistant to weather.  Best flooring choices that meet the above criteria include: concrete, natural stone, or brick.
  • Consider a roof or cover over cooking area (and perhaps over the seating area) so cooking (and dining) can continue during slightly inclement weather.
  • Make sure there is sufficient lighting in the cooking area and dining areas for those late night dinners or visits that extend past sundown.
  • If you live in a climate where the nights or cool or the warm season is short, consider installing a fireplace or fire pit in your outdoor kitchen so it can be utilized longer.

Obviously for those people who live in a climate where the weather is nice year round more time will be spent in the outdoor kitchen and those people who live in climates where the nice weather is only a few months of the year will enjoy spending as much time as possible in their outdoor kitchen. The most important information to keep in mind is that this is going to be your new kitchen. Don’t skimp on important materials and details. You want to be happy with this kitchen for many years to come.

Costs to Install Gutters

The average amount to install aluminum or galvanized gutters is almost $4 to about $9 per square foot.  Also, there are vinyl gutters that are easier to fix, and cost around $3 to $6 per square foot. Since the average home requires from 125 to around 200 feet of downspouts and gutters, this sets the cost at around $625-$1,800 to install a whole set of gutters.

Gutter Guards

However, these prices seem to apply austerely to the DIY (do it yourself) homeowners. Therefore, when one hires a professional gutter company for the task, the prices will increase a bit ranging from $1,050 to almost $2,400, as well as separate prices assigned to installations of downspouts.

In this case, let us look at the requirements and price for installing a 200 feet of gutters.

Price Breakdown

The following are the typical costs for the installation of gutter:


Prices for gutters differ widely with plastic and Vinyl being less expensive. Also, there are aluminum gutters (which become delicate with persistent exposure to the elements) Galvanized steel gutters, copper gutters and even wood gutters. Plastic gutters vary from $3-$5 per foot, wood gutters cost almost $16 per foot, aluminum gutters costs around $4 to $9 per foot, steel are around $4 to $8 per foot, wood gutters cost almost $16 per foot, and coppers gutters being the most expensive with around $20 per foot.


If the homeowners choose to have the task done by an expert, they will have to increase their budget to take care of this part of the task. A good handyman or carpenter can mainly install a gutter guard for a short period. Therefore, it will cost you around $2,200 to fix 200 feet of gutters.

Improvement and Enhancement Cost

Disposal and Removal

Removing old gutters as well as disposing of them will cost you. A dumpster rental hauler is the type of professional you need to contact. A great type of hauler website to check prices in your area is milwaukee dumpster rental prices for all your junk and trash removal needs. Click the image below to see their service area for roll off rentals:

west allis wi dumpster rental

Gutter drainage

It will mainly need around $100 to pay an expert to install a gutter drainage system. It depends on the type of expert you hire, but usually the more you pay the better the job is that gets done.

Gutter guards

Gutter guards differ from $200(DIY) to $3,600 when a professional is hired to install. Check out Yelp and other directories for reviews on great contractors for this type of service.


Gutter cleaning cost around $75 per single service. The price will depend on how dirty your gutters are and what type of gutters they are.

Planning Ahead For Home Remodels

A home remodel project requires a lot of preparations. The first requirement is to go through the permitting process if there are any. Once it is done, you can go ahead with other things such as budget, construction planning, time-frame, and home design. Always start your project with all the above preparation to avoid any further complications. You need to focus on three important things to make the process easy and less complicated, proper estimation of the budget, good designer, and a good contractor. With all the above preparation, your work will be half-done.

Before going through all the procedures, you can take the recommendation of your family and relatives on the project. The home project is a time taking and complicated process. Hence, you should take the suggestion of your closed ones while heading with this plan. You can ask them about the dumpster hauler, contractor, architect, and home designs. Even you can go through some home plans and design before hiring one for you.  Don’t forget the best source to rent a dumpster for this project is going to be at http://quickdumpsterquotes.com. At quick dumpste rental you will find all the information you will ever need about renting a roll off container. Your prior preparation will help you to take the right decision about the home remodel project.

Make a proper estimation of your budget

Remember that the first step is the budget. Make a proper planning. Decide how much you want to spend. Do not plan to spend more if you are unable to afford. In these situations, you might find it difficult to complete the project successfully. First, decide the budget and then make the plans accordingly. If you are planning for a home loan, try for this much before starting the construction work. If your project is totally dependent on a home loan and you will be unable to get one it might create severe complications for you. So, it is better to make the plans before starting the project.

Why do you need to hire a contractor?

If your budget is restricted you can do it on your own. But the negative point is that without experience you might need to spend more. Another thing is that a contractor can handle a project in a better way. He knows your requirements and your budget and he will make the plans accordingly utilizing his experience in this field. You just need to be a bit careful while choosing a contractor. You need to choose a reliable, experienced, insured, and reputed service to get the maximum benefits.

Hire an architect to get a proper design

An architect will play an important role to give a perfect look and design to your new home. In fact, you cannot do it on your own without any experience and skill. Hence, it is better to hire an architect to make your home beautiful and to get your dream home. The architecture will give a proper design to every part of your home. Like the contractor, choose a good and experienced architect to get a unique and different design for your home.

A home remodel is a dream project. You plan so many things about your new home. All your plans and dreams can be converted into reality if you will start it with a proper planning and preparation.

Cheap Kitchen Cabinets

Getting a glorious as well as beautiful kitchen is not a difficult task if you are prepared. One always yearns that the kitchen should look magnificent and grand as it is the most vital part of the entire home. In this context decorating the kitchen is a vital task to do and every household, new or old, lays more focus on adorning the kitchen. Since, the kitchen cabinets add charm and attraction to the kitchen; they are of utmost importance to the kitchen.

The beautiful, attractive and wonderful design add more glory and value to the kitchen. Hence, the kitchen cabinets prove to be good storage units for the kitchen. Keep in mind that many people opt for dumpster rental when taking on this task – visit http://atlantadumpsterrentalhq.com for more roll off container rental information.  For more information about container sizes, visit their dumpster sizes page to learn more. Maple cabinets, white kitchen cabinets and many more act as different styles of the kitchen. Economical and wonderful quality cabinets are available in the markets easily. Kitchen cabinets are responsible for making various magnificent and beautiful kitchens of current times.

When the budget and the need for the cabinets are determined, the next item to decide on is the size of the cabinets required based on the size of the kitchen. The number of items to be stored in the cabinets also play a crucial role in determining the size of the cabinet. It is recommended that you do not opt for a very large or very small cabinet because it may cause inconveniences during storage.

After deciding the size of the cabinet to buy the material used in making the cabinets comes in handy, most cabinets are available in three types of materials laminate, metal and wood. Cherry and oak are the popular durable wood kitchen cabinet choices, oak can range from warm medium tones to light golden colors, on the other hand cherry might be dark or light. Dark cherry can make the kitchen look elegant, dramatic, and unique while light cherry gives the kitchen a more informal warm look. It is imperative that you look at the finish of your house in order to choose a color that can suit the entire room.

Some of the knotty pine kitchen cabinets are hammered with copper handles to add rustic warmth to a country d©cor. When it comes to colors and styles, it is essential that you consider the color at home for you to complement the colors. If you want to make your kitchen appear bigger and brighter, white colored cabinets are the perfect choice. Most of the cabinets come in red, black or brown colors and whichever the color you choose always consider something that will complement the house colors. The best kitchen cabinets are the one that you love, rather than those that you find acceptable because most time is spent in the kitchen. When choosing kitchen cabinets it is vital that you consider the wear and tear, they will get when in use, if you have young children around pine or other softwoods are not the best choice because they will wear out within a short period. Laminates, hardwood stands corrosion, and regular wear and tear, on the other hardwood cabinets made of maple, oak or cherry are good selling points when building a kitchen for sale.

Landscaping Ideas

Inspirational Landscaping Ideas: Houston Edition

If you have a great deal of unused or neglected space in your back yard, considering building a patio, a deck, an outdoor dining area, or an outdoor kitchen. Not only will these items improve the look of your backyard but bring you enjoyment as well. If you have a green thumb, utilize some backyard space to plant a vegetable garden or herb garden. Nothing like those fresh vegetables and herbs grown in your own backyard! Consider putting in a restful area with trees, a swing or a bench, and a fountain so you can enjoy a nice peaceful getaway in your own backyard. Are your neighbors just too close for your peace and comfort? Consider putting in a privacy fence. If a privacy fence is not permitted in your neighborhood, consider planting a hedge wall. Inspirational landscaping ideas for your front yard

Consider planting trees or shrubs in your front yard. Strategically placed trees and shrubs are a good investmentand help to significantly reduce heating and cooling bills. They provide shade to the home on hot days and provide a buffer against the wind in the cold weather. Landscaping can cause alot of rubbish that will need to get cleared so visit houstondumpsterrentals.net for all your dumpster rental needs. Planting flowers definitely adds color to your yard but depending on your choice of flowering plants, this can be a high maintenance and expensive endeavor. Considering taking out the boring concrete sidewalk and replacing it with a walking path using colorful stones, bricks, or tiles. Many times homeowners focus on the landscaping for just the front and back yards. Do not overlook a much neglected area to landscape – the side yard.

Considering installing a pathway made of brick or stone that leads around the side of your home to an existing door or to the back yard. For continuity use the same style and same plants used to landscape either the front yard or the back yard. Before starting your landscaping project, do your research.

Talk with your gardener friends or your employees at your local greenhouse, find out about native plants and plants that thrive in your soil type. Remember native plants require less maintenance and have a better chance of surviving and thriving. Also find out what building materials hold up best in your climate. If you know you definitely are not in possession of a green thumb, consider creating a rock garden. Plan ahead, considering the long term maintenance involved with the landscaping you are planning. Even if you decide to do the landscaping work yourself, consider working with a professional landscaper for design ideas and suggestions that would work best for your property. This will definitely safe you money and avoid mistakes.

deck demolition

Easy Deck Demolition

Many homeowners are opting to fix or add value to their homes by doing the work themselves. While this can save big bucks in your pocket, you are going to want to make sure you do the job right and reach out for when when it’s needed. Most will demolish an old deck to add superior curb appeal or demolish decks for future increase in the value of the sale of their home.

The design of the deck is going to be the first step in the demolition process. If your deck is on the ground level similar to a walk-out, then your job is going to be as easy as ripping out the lumber from the ground. Before ripping it out though, use a chainsaw to cut the boards into smaller pieces so it’s easy to carry away safely. Elevated decks are a different beast. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can do this alone. Deck lumber can be very heavy and dangerous if the support beams are cut out from underneath it and can cause hazardous problems to both yourself and your house.

Quick note: for some bigger deck demolitions, it is wise to hire a demolition company to take care of the rubbish you will create. Most demolition companies will even provide a dumpster rental for you at no additional cost for the rental or the landfill costs. Check out contractors.com to look for a reputable demolition company in your area.

Dumpster Rental CT

Cutting The Deck

Your cuts should be parallel cuts between decking joists and away from nails and screws. The joists are the boards that are under your visible deck that run perpendicular and provide a solid frame. Cutting the deck between joists allow you to work on solid ground and with safety as you make additional cuts. As you create your cuts, now you can haul the cut boards to a specific area away from the working area where you can dispose of them into the dumpster.


The chainsaw of choice for this kind of work is going to be an electric chainsaw. The Stihl 180C is a top-rated chainsaw and is built for this type of work. Remember to remove all the deck boards before you start cutting the beam boards as these are the boards that are used to keep your deck standing.

Next Steps

If the bottom of your beam boards are in concrete, you may have to break the concrete which could need a jackhammer to remove all concrete for the new deck. A demolition chip and hammer can also work but will involve much more grunt work in the process.

After the concrete and lumber is a cut and cracked apart it’s a good idea to start cleaning the area of additional concrete chips, nails, screws, wood splinters and anything else that may have fallen into the work area while demolishing it. Also, with the boards you cut up, it’s a good idea to bend the nails sticking out with a hammer to prevent injuries when transferring the junk.

You have demolished your deck and now you are ready for the next phase of the project which is to build a brand new deck that will compliment your house.