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Costs to Install Gutters

The average amount to install aluminum or galvanized gutters is almost $4 to about $9 per square foot.  Also, there are vinyl gutters that are easier to fix, and cost around $3 to $6 per square foot. Since the average home requires from 125 to around 200 feet of downspouts and gutters, this sets the cost at around $625-$1,800 to install a whole set of gutters.

Gutter Guards

However, these prices seem to apply austerely to the DIY (do it yourself) homeowners. Therefore, when one hires a professional gutter company for the task, the prices will increase a bit ranging from $1,050 to almost $2,400, as well as separate prices assigned to installations of downspouts.

In this case, let us look at the requirements and price for installing a 200 feet of gutters.

Price Breakdown

The following are the typical costs for the installation of gutter:


Prices for gutters differ widely with plastic and Vinyl being less expensive. Also, there are aluminum gutters (which become delicate with persistent exposure to the elements) Galvanized steel gutters, copper gutters and even wood gutters. Plastic gutters vary from $3-$5 per foot, wood gutters cost almost $16 per foot, aluminum gutters costs around $4 to $9 per foot, steel are around $4 to $8 per foot, wood gutters cost almost $16 per foot, and coppers gutters being the most expensive with around $20 per foot.


If the homeowners choose to have the task done by an expert, they will have to increase their budget to take care of this part of the task. A good handyman or carpenter can mainly install a gutter guard for a short period. Therefore, it will cost you around $2,200 to fix 200 feet of gutters.

Improvement and Enhancement Cost

Disposal and Removal

Removing old gutters as well as disposing of them will cost you. A dumpster rental hauler is the type of professional you need to contact. A great type of hauler website to check prices in your area is milwaukee dumpster rental prices for all your junk and trash removal needs. Click the image below to see their service area for roll off rentals:

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Gutter drainage

It will mainly need around $100 to pay an expert to install a gutter drainage system. It depends on the type of expert you hire, but usually the more you pay the better the job is that gets done.

Gutter guards

Gutter guards differ from $200(DIY) to $3,600 when a professional is hired to install. Check out Yelp and other directories for reviews on great contractors for this type of service.


Gutter cleaning cost around $75 per single service. The price will depend on how dirty your gutters are and what type of gutters they are.

Landscaping Ideas

Inspirational Landscaping Ideas: Houston Edition

If you have a great deal of unused or neglected space in your back yard, considering building a patio, a deck, an outdoor dining area, or an outdoor kitchen. Not only will these items improve the look of your backyard but bring you enjoyment as well. If you have a green thumb, utilize some backyard space to plant a vegetable garden or herb garden. Nothing like those fresh vegetables and herbs grown in your own backyard! Consider putting in a restful area with trees, a swing or a bench, and a fountain so you can enjoy a nice peaceful getaway in your own backyard. Are your neighbors just too close for your peace and comfort? Consider putting in a privacy fence. If a privacy fence is not permitted in your neighborhood, consider planting a hedge wall. Inspirational landscaping ideas for your front yard

Consider planting trees or shrubs in your front yard. Strategically placed trees and shrubs are a good investmentand help to significantly reduce heating and cooling bills. They provide shade to the home on hot days and provide a buffer against the wind in the cold weather. Landscaping can cause alot of rubbish that will need to get cleared so visit for all your dumpster rental needs. Planting flowers definitely adds color to your yard but depending on your choice of flowering plants, this can be a high maintenance and expensive endeavor. Considering taking out the boring concrete sidewalk and replacing it with a walking path using colorful stones, bricks, or tiles. Many times homeowners focus on the landscaping for just the front and back yards. Do not overlook a much neglected area to landscape – the side yard.

Considering installing a pathway made of brick or stone that leads around the side of your home to an existing door or to the back yard. For continuity use the same style and same plants used to landscape either the front yard or the back yard. Before starting your landscaping project, do your research.

Talk with your gardener friends or your employees at your local greenhouse, find out about native plants and plants that thrive in your soil type. Remember native plants require less maintenance and have a better chance of surviving and thriving. Also find out what building materials hold up best in your climate. If you know you definitely are not in possession of a green thumb, consider creating a rock garden. Plan ahead, considering the long term maintenance involved with the landscaping you are planning. Even if you decide to do the landscaping work yourself, consider working with a professional landscaper for design ideas and suggestions that would work best for your property. This will definitely safe you money and avoid mistakes.