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Easy Deck Demolition

Many homeowners are opting to fix or add value to their homes by doing the work themselves. While this can save big bucks in your pocket, you are going to want to make sure you do the job right and reach out for when when it’s needed. Most will demolish an old deck to add superior curb appeal or demolish decks for future increase in the value of the sale of their home.

The design of the deck is going to be the first step in the demolition process. If your deck is on the ground level similar to a walk-out, then your job is going to be as easy as ripping out the lumber from the ground. Before ripping it out though, use a chainsaw to cut the boards into smaller pieces so it’s easy to carry away safely. Elevated decks are a different beast. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can do this alone. Deck lumber can be very heavy and dangerous if the support beams are cut out from underneath it and can cause hazardous problems to both yourself and your house.

Quick note: for some bigger deck demolitions, it is wise to hire a demolition company to take care of the rubbish you will create. Most demolition companies will even provide a dumpster rental for you at no additional cost for the rental or the landfill costs. Check out contractors.com to look for a reputable demolition company in your area.

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Cutting The Deck

Your cuts should be parallel cuts between decking joists and away from nails and screws. The joists are the boards that are under your visible deck that run perpendicular and provide a solid frame. Cutting the deck between joists allow you to work on solid ground and with safety as you make additional cuts. As you create your cuts, now you can haul the cut boards to a specific area away from the working area where you can dispose of them into the dumpster.


The chainsaw of choice for this kind of work is going to be an electric chainsaw. The Stihl 180C is a top-rated chainsaw and is built for this type of work. Remember to remove all the deck boards before you start cutting the beam boards as these are the boards that are used to keep your deck standing.

Next Steps

If the bottom of your beam boards are in concrete, you may have to break the concrete which could need a jackhammer to remove all concrete for the new deck. A demolition chip and hammer can also work but will involve much more grunt work in the process.

After the concrete and lumber is a cut and cracked apart it’s a good idea to start cleaning the area of additional concrete chips, nails, screws, wood splinters and anything else that may have fallen into the work area while demolishing it. Also, with the boards you cut up, it’s a good idea to bend the nails sticking out with a hammer to prevent injuries when transferring the junk.

You have demolished your deck and now you are ready for the next phase of the project which is to build a brand new deck that will compliment your house.